Sunday, October 04, 2009

Bouncing Around with Ken and Randy

When I asked Peanut if she would like to go to a picnic with a moon bounce yesterday, she jumped right at the suggestion.

“I only get to play on a moon bounce once a year,” she informed me. The presence of a moon bounce was all she needed to know to make a decision.
This afternoon Peanut and I ventured out west to Nixon’s Farm for Ken Ulman’s annual family picnic. Once we determined that the moon bounce was in fact up and operating, we parted ways, her to bounce and me for some BS and beer.

Among the politico’s I spotted, in addition to our county executive, was Jim Robey, Calvin Ball, Courtney Watson, Guy Guzzone and Liz Bobo. I am sure there were others but I wasn’t paying much attention when Ken gave the talk where he recognizes and thanks everyone.

Instead of listening I was talking to Randy Nixon. Nixon’s Farm hit a rough patch earlier this year when Columbia Bank moved to foreclose on the property forcing Randy to seek protection under the bankruptcy laws in order to save the farm. He says that things are all working out and he hopes to get underway with his new development next spring. It will be a first of its kind housing project for Howard County, providing both assisted living and multi generational housing. Two thirds of 100 plus acre farm will be preserved as open space.

Randy and I promised to get together for lunch so I hope to be able to provide more details soon.

Anyway, Ken’s picnic at Randy’s farm was a nice affair and we were having fun until Peanut hurt her leg on the moon bounce.

We limped on back home.


Curious said...

Did you ask the state delegation members what they thought of your recent suggestion to close the state budget gap by eliminating their jobs?

wordbones said...

Actually I did have a brief conversation with Guy Guzzone about this. He wasn't that impressed the potential savings.

Of course I happen to disagree. Six million here, six million there...before you know it your talking real money.


Anonymous said...

"forcing" him to seek protection under foreclosure? dude took out a huge loan and didn't pay up. did columbia bank "force" him to do that too?

Anonymous said...

Does this link say that the State Dept of Ed budget is 109 million, and state aid to local jurisdictions is 5 Billion (with a b)?

State Dept Ed Budget

If that's our state education budget, cut from there first. What's 6 million when were talking Billions? Start by adding competition to the public schools.

Anonymous said...

Commentary on Maryland education waste:,0,1548002.story