Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Already in Hot Water

Today I am camped out at Kernan Hospital in Baltimore while Peanut has some dental surgery. Knowing full well that my coffee choices would be limited to the basic Maxwell swill that is common in hospital cafeterias, I stopped at my local Starbucks on the way and grabbed a three pack of their new instant coffee product, Via. I figured I’d be able to snag a cup of hot water but I wasn’t sure if they’d charge me.

I should have known better. It cost me a nickel but I’m really not complaining. Though I still don’t think the VIA product tastes as good as the cup I get at the store it is still much better than your typical institutional offering.

This also got me to thinking. If this Via thing really catches on will we see a new demand for instant hot water taps?

How long before the bean counters in the accounting department at the hospital realize that they could probably double the price of a cup of hot water by calling it “Via ready” water?


Anonymous said...

Well, hopefully they don't read your blog and get any ideas. . . .

Christine said...

I tried the Via when the Starbucks at the Harris Teeter did a taste test between the Via and their regular coffee. I didn't like the Via as much. It tasted a little burnt to me and put it about on par with the coffee at work (Folgers). Sure, it's better than every other instant coffee, but in my book, it still doesn't touch their other stuff.