Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Federal Lawsuit Update 5

It’s kind of hard to keep track of the myriad of lawsuits filed by Paul Kendall and his merry band of plaintiffs. I often get confused as to which one was filed over the referendum debacle, which one was filed to stop the Harris Teeter and Wegmans grocery stores and which one was filed to overturn 15 years of county zoning decisions.

What I do know is that on Monday, United States District Judge J. Frederick Motz dismissed another one. This time it was Civil Case No. JFM-09-660 which was filed against the county and state Board of Elections and Ann M. Balcerzak, Betty Nordaas, Robert Walker and Linda Lamone.

The judges’ order was short and sweet.

1. The motion to dismiss filed by defendants Balcerzak and Nordaas is granted;
2. The motion to dismiss filed by defendant Howard County is granted; and
3. Plaintiff’s claims against all defendants are dismissed.

Anyone wanna bet they’ll file another motion to reconsider?

Thanks again and a wag of the wordbones tail to reader and commenter Lotsabogeys for keeping me current on this litigation.


Christine said...

Thanks for the update!