Sunday, October 11, 2009

Bikes for the World

Yesterday we took Mama Wordbones' bike over to Race Pace in Columbia for a tune up. While she was discussing seat design and bike pants with Jay Mulholland, I went back outside to check out the used bikes for sale. Race Pace will take a trade in of a bike on the purchase of a new bike as long as the trade in is in “pretty good condition” according to Jay. The used bikes lined up outside gave testament to that fact. They all looked new.

“What about those bikes that don’t pass muster for a trade in?” I wondered.

“We donate them to Bikes for the World,” Jay told me.

Bikes for the World takes old bikes (along with a $10 donation), refurbishes them and sends them along with parts, tools and other bike stuff to “to community development programs assisting the poor in developing countries.”

I like this. Anyone who has kids knows the progression of bikes they through as they grow. This is a great way to not only recycle an old bike that no longer fits but it also provides a learning opportunity for the kids.
A big wag of the wordbones tail to Race Pace and Bikes of the World.


Bob O said...

As a former bike mechanic, I have to tell you that it's so easy to rebuild a bicycle that anyone can do this and should.

Perhaps we should do the same thing for Hummers? (Irony here)