Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Summer In The City

And meanwhile in Ellicott City...

If you want to get a taste of some "vibrant" city life close by, an evening in Ellicott City in the summer ain't bad. It's kind of like "vibrant lite."

Part that vibrancy is evident in a hidden gem and one of my favorite haunts, the Deck at CaCao Lane. It's up behind the restaurant on Main Street. You have to go through the front door, past the bar, under a low stone archway, up a narrow set of stone steps to an outdoor landing and then up a rather steep set of wooden steps to the Deck. As you reach the summit of this trek, breathing heavily, you are likely to encounter a young hostess/waitress who will find you a table. She is not likely to be out of breath. You can get in pretty good shape working up there.

It's a pretty neat spot. The decks are a little above the roof level of the main restaurant building. The seating area is nestled between some rather impressive rocks and trees. I actually like the menu up there better than the restaurant menu. It includes sandwiches and a few entrees. They also have a full tiki bar.

My only complaint is that they serve wine in plastic cups.

You can see across town to Saint Paul's church on the opposite hill and occasionally you'll hear the freight trains that pass through town along the Patapsco River below. I'm pretty sure that it is only open Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, but ya might wanna call to check.

I'll be posting about some of my other favorite spots in the coming weeks.