Thursday, March 25, 2010

Three Things about Food

I ran into Chris Alleva in Town Center today. The first thing he said to me was that he thought my writing didn’t suck as much as it used to.

“You’ve gotten much better,” he said.

Thanks, I think.

After we got through a brief but brutal dissection of my written words (he did say that he liked my latest column in The Business Monthly), Chris told me about his newest venture.

“I’m one of those creators. I’m opening a restaurant in Town Center”

Chris and his partners are getting ready to open Cazbar Kabob in the Columbia Professional Center on Little Patuxent Parkway near Howard Community College.

“We’re just waiting for our Use and Occupancy permit,” he said.

Chris told me that he and his partners had “licensed” the menu from Cazbar in Baltimore. Unfortunately the Columbia version of Cazbar will be a much scaled down version of the big city mother ship. It will only have about 20 seats so that likely rules out the belly dancers.

That’s one.

That was the second time today I had an encounter with Turkish cuisine. This morning I received an email from HowChow commiserating about high octane comments on our blogs. A recent post he wrote about the new Nazar Produce Market in Columbia generated a couple of comments that fanned the flames of some nationalist passions.

Who’d have thought that baklava could be that contentious?

That’s two.

Demolition work started on the old Rocky Run restaurant on Dobbin Road in Columbia this week. As previously rumored here, the new occupant will be Buffalo Wild Wings.

No word yet on when they expect to open.

That’s three.


Tom Coale (HCR) said...

In a twist of irony, one of your named non-creators, Alan Klein, created one of the creators that you cite in your piece!

wordbones said...


I knew that when I wrote it.

Must get it from her mother...


Anonymous said...

Sign the petition to put the 5500 new columbia residence on the ballot for November:

-Waverly Woods Coffee Shop just south of Marriottsville Rd. and Rt.99 on Birmingham Way
Google Maps Link

-Harper's Choice Village Center Safeway and Ritas from 2-6 PM every day starting tomorrow through Wednesday March 31st.

Google Maps Link

Anonymous said...

Sorry, WB, I happen to know her mother supports CCD and the petition dive. Saw her out getting signatures.

Apparently doing good work for the county and the country runs in their family.

You should try it sometime.

Anonymous said...

Chris Alleva is always a sweet talker! I know him too and he often lets me know I don't suck as much as I used to either :-)

HowChow said...

Have you been to Cazbar yet?

wordbones said...


I went there for lunch today. Nice little place...a little slow though.