Monday, March 15, 2010

Another District 4 Rematch

Well at least part of District 4 will see another electoral rematch, the Village of Wilde Lake to be specific. In this story by Larry Carson in The Sun we only heard that Phil Kirsch was running for another term on the Columbia Council. What Larry failed to mention was that Linda Odum is running against him, again.

She lost by ten votes a year ago.

I’d like to see her replace Phil. The legacy of his four year stint on the Council is a continuing decline in the village center and a combative relationship with Greg Hamm and General Growth Properties that has led to missed opportunities for his village and Town Center.


Anonymous said...

GGP doesn't like who Columbian's elect so we should bow to his highness and seat who he wants? You're kidding, right?

Larry didn't mention Linda because:
1) she hasn't declared 2)he likes talking about incumbents only.

Personally, I think it's both.

PZGURU said...

Another drive by assault by WB.

Anonymous said...

Who cares guys, Linda Odum is head and shoulders above the incumbent.

Anonymous said...

says who?

Anonymous said...

Says who, HH? You deciding for everyone now?

Man, people, get a grip on your egos.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Linda can help make CA work. Name the top 5 things they have actually accomplished this year. They made a lot of noise about local and state issues that we elect others to work on. What did they actually do this year?

Anonymous said...

They voted to pave over a few acres of Symphony Woods.
They voted to close 20% of the tot-lots in Columbia.
They voted to open the pools later, but considered permanently closing some pools.
They opposed plenty of zoning
In an effort to avoid a conflict of interest with lobbyists, they placed draconian limitations on lawyers.