Monday, March 22, 2010

Sweet 15

The Terps may not have made it to the Sweet 16 but I got a Sweet 15 card in the mail today so I’ve got that going for me, which is nice.

I am referring to the Starbucks rewards program where they send you a free drink card after you buy 15 drinks at any one of their stores. This program works for me.

I love a good cup of coffee. My real job takes me all over the Baltimore Washington corridor and there is high probability that, wherever I go, there will be a Starbucks nearby. This is a good thing. I realize that there are probably many very good coffee shops out and about, much like my favorite place in Ellicott City, but one thing you can say about a Starbucks: it’s a known entity. There are no surprises at a Starbucks. No thinking is required over what to order. When you are working you don’t have the luxury of exploration and discovery for your caffeine fix. You get in. You get out. Nobody gets hurt. You move on.

The Starbucks rewards program fits the itinerant worker like a glove. It doesn’t require you to always frequent the same joint in order to get a comped a free brew once in awhile. A coffee in Crofton or a coffee in Columbia, it is all the same to Starbucks.

It was the best piece of snail mail I got today.


The Big Apple said...

Serendipity is when an interesting Starbucks post comes in tandem with a Slickdeals offer of a free Starbucks pastry.