Saturday, March 27, 2010

Sixteen Bags of Mulch

And that still wasn’t enough to finish the job.

It was mulching day at our home. This morning we headed over to Lowes where they had two cubic yard bags of mulch for a buck ninety nine. I realize that it is probably cheaper and more ecologically responsible to buy mulch in bulk but we simply do not have a driveway big enough for a load of mulch.

Lowes was a busy place today. People were loading up with mulch, paving stones, potting soil and all things yard and garden. There were also lots of guys in shorts. I don’t get that. It was less than 40 degrees this morning. They had to be cold.

I’ve noticed this phenomenon usually occurs after the first day of spring as if it is somehow by wearing shorts they’ll at least feel like its spring no matter how cold it really is. It’s the same thing with some guys and socks.

A recent commenter on this post suggested that the tone of this blog is more like a wine bar than a pub. I’m a big fan of wine bars but I’m not about to change the WB’s Pub category to Wordbones Wine Bar.

There was a train derailment along the Grist Mill Trail on Friday. It occurred right around the spot I referred to in this post.

I have a few more items to post about but they’ll have to wait. After sixteen bags of mulch I’m ready for a beer.


Jamie Vetro said...

Sorry to disagree about the shorts. I wear them almost all year round. It has nothing to do with spring, nor the desire for it to arrive. They are just plain comfortable and my legs don't ever get cold. Shorts and a hoodie are the clothes of choice for me in anything below 60.

Anonymous said...

Wine bar? Yes. You're more sophistcated than you pretend to be. Face it, you've become a member of the elite.