Friday, March 19, 2010

Rhee Tahs!

“Ya wanta Slurpee?” I asked Peanut after picking her up at school today.

“How about Ritas?” she replied.

“Great idea!”

When we pulled into the Rita’s at the corner of St. Johns Lane and Frederick Road in Ellicott City this afternoon at 3:15 PM the place was rocking. The line stretched well out into the parking lot.

There were teenagers sporting Catonsville Lacrosse shirts and middle aged guys in shorts. There were parents in mini vans, and grandparents in sedans. There was a shaggy haired dog named Luna and there were still more teenagers. Much like the swallows returning to the Mission at San Juan Capistrano every spring on St. Josephs Day, we were all flocking back to Rita’s and marking the end of winter.

After I paid I asked for a new Rita’s card to start the season off.

We don’t do that anymore,” the nice young lady informed me, “but we will honor any old ones you have.”
They do have a facebook page now though.


Kevin said...

As someone with the surname "Rhee", I was drawn in by your title. I stayed for the Rita's talk. said...

By "honor", I wonder if they mean they will continue to stamp existing cards, or only that they will redeem already-filled cards? The Po Spouse and I are a bit forgetful, which has led to a collection of partially-filled cards (which now have about half a chance of being worthless, drat it).