Thursday, March 18, 2010

Bailey Switching Sides

Most local political watchers already know that John Bailey is going after Liz Bobo for the District 12B House of Delegates seat. Up until now he has been running as a Republican in the heavily Democratic district. I say up until now because today he told me he’s switching sides. John is now planning to give Liz a primary challenge as a Democrat.

“I’m a public school teacher who believes in education and creating jobs,” he said in explaining why he thought he’d make a good Democrat.

It appears that this move won’t cost him all of his Republican supporters either. Former County Executive Chuck Ecker has already previously agreed to attend a fundraiser for John on April 15th at Historic Oakland in Town Center. Chuck is one of my favorite politicians and an all around great guy. According to John, he is still on board to attend.

I wonder if the Republicans will try and replace Bailey or just concede this seat to the opposition.


HoCoRising said...

I strongly doubt they'll be putting in a candidate to run against John. John is well liked in GOP circles and will continue to be liked even after the switch.

BUT, then again, I'm not really privy to the inside stuff, so they may put a cap on somebody and send him off to war by the end of the week.

Tom said...

Technically, a very good move for John. Because if he does win he'll have an opportunity to contribute to the political party in Annapolis that controls everything. As a Republican he would just stand around and be left out. Plus, no Republican is ever going to carry 12B.

Anonymous said...

Great Haiku!

Switching parties...I'd say he just alienated quite a few people, but gained a few more.

What happened to those things call "principles" and "moral compass"?

I'd say that just about says it all about John. This can be filed under the name of "Not cowboying up."

Anonymous said...

As a residen, but non-blogger, I may just run for this office. Check me out on facebook: Buck Ostergaard.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:54,

If you read John's website, he is very moderate and could be comfortable in either party without compromising any principles. Until you look into his actual principles, don't judge him as having none.