Monday, March 29, 2010

The End of iPhone Envy?

I’ve never been happy with my phone. Not long after I purchased it a little over a year ago, I began having a bad case of iPhone envy. By then the game changing Apple phone had already been on the street for a couple of years. It sometimes seemed as if I was the only person who didn’t have one.

Last October I posted about a report that said that there would likely be a Verizon iPhone by June of this year. Tonight I read this story on MSNBC that seems to confirm that earlier report.

It’s not so easy now though. The iPhone is no longer the only pretty girl in the room. The Droid now offers a tempting alternative.

One thing is for certain though; the days of my LG Voyager are numbered.


Freemarket said...

Although not on verizon so this will not really help you, but the Dell Mini 5 (or the "Streak") looks pretty cool. It's larger than an iPhone but smaller than an iPad.

Anonymous said...

If you want something that just works--mostly--go with the iPhone. If you want something that's more open ended, go with the Droid.

Simon said...

Droid's overall a more compelling product to me. Running multiple apps at once and having an open-standard platform not governed by an entity were enticing for me. Of course, not having an iPhone on Verizon made the choice easier as well. The 2.1 update is in the pipes for Droid (currently rolling for the same model/different name in Europe), so expect performance improvements and additional items such as a new weather widget, Google Earth, etc. Overall, it appears the platform may evolve a bit quicker than Apple's.

Freemarket said...

iPhone haiku:

Really, now, Wordbones
You still don't have an iPhone?
There's an app for that

Anonymous said...

Who gives a s/// whether you have an iphone or droid. They are both an invasion of privacy.
Who wants to be chased or available for comment immediately? Perhaps the time has come to relax, enjoy and forget about staying connected.

wordbones said...


That haiku was very of the best so far.

That gives me a thought actually. I should probably begin collecting the best of Tales of Two Cities haiku.