Thursday, March 11, 2010

What’s Up with the MAC?

As I drove by the new Meadowbrook Athletic Complex today I noticed that there was a blue mesh fence surrounding the building. I also noted that there were no cars in the parking lot at three o’clock on a Thursday afternoon.

You may recall that the grand opening of the 38,000 square foot multi purpose gym was held back in December. When I went to the front doors they were locked. There was a note saying that the facility is currently limited to program use only, whatever that means.

It turns out that the MAC will hopefully be open for general public use in April, four months after the opening that wasn’t so grand after all. According to the HoCo Recreation and Parks Department, it isn’t fully operational because there are no phones or computers in the building yet.

Once it is truly open for the general public you’ll need a Get Active fitness card to use it. This is a new program from Recs and Parks that sounds a little like a private gym membership. It will cost an adult (18 plus) $79.00 for a three month pass. It’s so new that that there isn’t any information about it on the department website.

What about the blue fence?
It seems as if the Big Kahuna snow event was a little too much for the MAC. The roof suffered some damage and a few of the exterior light fixtures got beat up.

I would expect this type of damage on an older building but the MAC is brand spanking new. If I was Gary Arthur I think I’d have a little meeting with the building contractor about the quality of their work.


Anonymous said...

They had better get their act together for the big basketball tournament that they're hosting Friday - Sunday.

Anonymous said...

check out the update on the racing track slots referendum:

Slots Referendum

They collected 40k signatures and half were approved. At that rate, we should be decreasing the number required throughout the counties.

Freemarket said...

Nice job, county government!

Anonymous said...

Our house is brand new but that didn't stop the storms from destroying our gutter and an ice dam from falling and crushing our rear door light fixture. I don't think the storms cared too much about the age of the buildings.