Friday, February 06, 2009

In This Months Business Monthly

I haven’t posted for the last two days because I’ve been laid up with a cold that really kicked my butt. I was so miserable I didn’t even have the energy to write. I’m feeling a little better today.

Last month I had to replace my mobile phone. It was a decision I did not make lightly. My old phone, a Motorola Razr, was the perfect size. It was a compact little number that fit easily into my pocket. The only drawback of this phone was its battery life. Even when the phone was brand new I was lucky to get more than eight hours of use before it began to peter out. This situation only worsened with time.

For me, a mobile phone just needs to be a good phone. I don’t need a camera in my phone and I don’t really see the need to email or surf the Internet with my phone. Not that I don’t see the convenience of that, it’s just that I have so far been unimpressed with the web surfing on mobile phones. The screen is too small and it’s generally too slow. The only mobile phone I’ve seen that is an exception to this is Apple’s iPhone.

The iPhone is the coolest phone on the market. I would buy one if it was available on the Verizon network. Sadly, you have to be an AT&T customer to get one. As much as I like this gadget, I am just not willing to switch networks to have one.

I also contemplated going the BlackBerry route. I am probably one the few remaining commercial real estate brokers who hasn’t broken down and bought one. Again, I just don’t see the need to email from my phone, at least not yet.

So now I have a new phone. It’s an LG Voyager and it is at least twice the size of my old phone. This phone does not slip easily into my pocket, unless I’m wearing baggy pants.

You can read more about it in this month’s column here.


Freemarket said...

I am very glad that I switched from Verizon Wireless to ATT to get the iPhone. Is there a reason you are so stuck on Verizon?

wordbones said...

Hey, it was good to finally meet you Monday.

I'm still on Verizon primarily for economic reasons. Most of my family is on Verizon and all of my colleagues at work are on Verizon. All of those calls are free.

Scott said...

agreed... i traded in my razr for an iphone last week.... should have switched much sooner... it is great.

i already was on AT&T though..

Long-haired hippie freak said...

You give a perfectly acceptable reason for wanting to stay with Verizon. What annoys me are the folks who holler about AT&T's service. I dropped calls more often while a Verizon customer than I have since getting my iPhone last July.

Give it time, though. I hear Apple's working on a new product, iWorld (it's just like the one we have now, only branded and cooler). We'll all be required to buy it, of course, but at least it'll come with free iPhones.

Anonymous said...

All things change with time, I'm sure. I am an ardent Verizon supporter because I had the other guys and finally found one more dependable. Of course, that was a few years back. I have the Voyager as well and basically use it as a cell phone without all of the other stuff. It's fine. The day I bought it Verizon had a newer better version which I refused to buy. I guess I'm being dragged and screaming into the 21st century. Regardless, I think you'll be satisfied with the Voyager.