Saturday, December 31, 2011

Wrapping Up 2011

Last night, after listening to the discussion about Ken Ulman and his failed attempt to reform the school board, Mama Wordbones made an interesting comment.

“Even by losing he won,” she said.

Her point being, that even though the county exec failed in his attempt to create more diversity on the elected school board, he still wins because he tried. The effort alone will score him points with minority groups, critical to his expected bid for statewide office.

Other than that, she only marginally cared for the rest of the podcast. Politics really isn’t her thing so listening to a forty eight minute podcast of four people discussing HoCo loco politics is something she does more or less to humor me. Relationships, especially successful ones, are often like that.

Still, she did listen and her comment about Ken’s political instincts told me that she also paid attention, so it couldn't have been all bad.

It was a fun panel. I’ve known Len Lazerick since he was a political reporter for the Columbia Flier, before it became part of the The Sun media empire. He was also the first guest on our inaugural podcast back in 2009. I’ve only gotten to know Lindsey McPherson over the past year after meeting her at a Blogtail party. This was her second appearance on the show too. Back in October she joined Tom Coale in a discussion of loco politics for our 50th episode show. The combination of Len’s statewide politico perspective with Lindseys loco politico perspective provided informative and at times entertaining dialogue.

In fact, for loco politico wonks like me, the show may have been too short. While we did cover school board reform, Allen Dyer, the intermodal, gay marriage, and Frisky's, we never got around to other 2011 highlights like Diane Wilson and private swim clubs.

You can listen to the 56th episode of “and then there’s that…” here.
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