Friday, May 20, 2011

The Evolution of the Blogtail

The HoCo Blogtail parties are a real HoCo loco media affair. Though originally conceived as a socializing opportunity for loco bloggers and blog readers, the monthly event has now become a meet up for all HoCo loco media types. Last night at the party sponsored by the new well & Wise blog at Union Jacks, I spent time with Steve Early from The Sun, David Greisman from Patch, Stan Rappaport, Sara Toth and Lindsey McPherson from Explore Howard and Dave Bittner from HoCoMoJo. Though we often run into each other at HoCo events and functions we rarely get the chance to socialize.
A big wag of the wordbones tail goes out to Jessie Newburn for nurturing this event over the past six years and allowing it to evolve. It was a very fun evening.
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