Wednesday, December 07, 2011

See Ya Around Doug

Doug Miller has written his last piece for Patuxent Publishing. In this column, Doug announced, that after twenty three years on the HoCo loco news beat, next week will be the “last with this newspaper, which has been home for most of my professional life.”

I feel like I was just getting to know him. It was less than a year go that we had our “Wine Summit” after he wrote a blog post entitled "Why I Hate Social Media". When Sarah wrote a follow up post on her blog questioning his hatred, he admitted in a column entitled "Facebook Frenzy" that he still "didn't get it".

That's when Tom Coale reached out to him and suggested that the three us get together for a drink instead of talking through columns and blog posts. He readily agreed.

I found him to be a pretty nice guy and his skepticism about technology genuine. The guy doesn’t even own a cell phone!

That night I think we all came away with a better understanding of each other. I love it when that happens.

Good luck Doug, wherever your next venture takes you. If you ever want to grab a drink again, give me a call…on your landline of course. 
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