Thursday, December 08, 2011

In This Months Business Monthly

One of the amazing things about being a parent for me is how fast things change. For us grown ups, change comes slowly and reluctantly. In my now teenage daughter, change comes enthusiastically, in quick bursts.

Lately, when I have determined that she is ready for the next step in independence and responsibility I find that she is at least one step ahead of me, ready to challenge my parental knowledge.


Our recent Thanksgiving trip really bought that notion home. We have been traveling alone together since she was five. In those early years I was basically her loyal Sherpa, carrying all manner of kid stuff like a car seat, extra stuffed animals and a bag of distractions to keep her occupied on a long flight. I attended to her every need. Nowadays she carries her own stuff and looks to me for entertainment and conversation only during those times that she is unable to use her iPod. I’m still her Sherpa of course, still expected to take of care of things that a princess can't be bothered with.

It’s all good.

I often tell friends that the only good thing about getting older is gaining perspective. My interactions with my daughter also causes me to think objectively about things in order to, hopefully, make a point and impart some of that wizened perspective to her without being preachy.

Sometimes I succeed, sometimes I don’t.

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