Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas from Weather Station Wordbones

One of the items on my Christmas list was a weather station. Frankly, it was one of those things I think I just casually mentioned to Mama Wordbones once. I usually endeavor to keep evidence of my inner geek in check but every so often something slips out, such as my interest in a home weather station. 

As it happens it’s not just the political winds that interest me. There's still nothing like the real thing.

If I hadn’t received one this Christmas I likely would have bought my own home weather station before long. As it turns out, Mama Wordbones and my sister, GyspyPalace, succeeded in surprising me yesterday with a Weather Channel Professional Weather Center which I immediately opened and installed. The Winding Ross Weather Station is now active.

Right now it’s informed me that the pressure is dropping and wet weather is on the way. I’m in heaven.
Merry Christmas. 
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