Sunday, June 12, 2011

Defending the Indefensible

Not everyone in HoCo is pleased with the impeachment of Allen Dyer from the school board. Some of his supporters have even gone so far as to suggest that his removal from the board will actually hurt the school system.

That is to be expected. Democracy isn’t always pretty.

What I find interesting though is that even Allen’s allies on the school board used words like “obnoxious” and “jerk” to describe their friend.

In his defense of Allen during the impeachment proceeding, Brian Meshkin, twice referred to Dyer as a “rogue board member.” Cindy Vaillancourt cited his “obnoxious behavior” and even admitted that though she was voting against the impeachment this time she “believes it might come to this at some point.”

She believes!

Brian Meshkin told his fellow board members that he was “torn by this issue” even though “he finds it morally wrong for a sitting board member to have decimated the integrity of the ethics panel process by breaking the confidentiality the process.”

He called Allen’s methods “insanity.”

Yet still, he voted to support him.
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The deliberations make for great HoCo loco political theatre. At one point Allen even stated that student council leaders are “public figures.”


You can watch the entire proceeding here.

It is actually great fun to watch Brian and Cindy squirm in their seats as they attempt to defend the indefensible. I think Brian says “um” about a hundred times.
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