Monday, December 26, 2011

Sliding By Christmas

“I don’t remember getting a 2011 schedule.”

I had just returned from the garage with news that the slide question was not answered by the slide schedule postcard pinned on the garage wall. Mama Wordbones had asked if this was a slide week or not. Christmas was, after all, on a Sunday. Today wasn’t a holiday. Or was it?

The schedule on the wall was for last year when Christmas fell on Saturday and regular Saturday collections were slid to Monday, skipping right on by Sunday.

Undoubtedly the 2011 slide schedule postcard prematurely ended up in the recycling bin in a flurry of a junk mail purge. I had to go the HoCo Department of the Environment website.

As it turns out, this is a slide week. If, like me, your normal garbage day is Tuesday, this week it's Wednesday. The website informs us that for HoCo trash collection, this year Christmas Day is “observed” on Monday, December 26th.

This is no small thing on the week after Christmas, a big week for solid waste collection. There has been whole lotta waste generation going on in HoCo this past weekend. As a result, throughout greater HoCo, regular curbside receptacles will be augmented by various in sundry disposable containers that offer weak resistance against certain nocturnal scavengers. Garbage like this left out a day early is like setting out an all-you-can-eat smorgasbord with a big sign saying “free.”

These uninvited guests are notoriously bad at cleaning up after themselves.

Merry Christmas (observed)!
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