Monday, December 12, 2011

Speed Trap State

In a very short period of time, Maryland has become a national leader in the deployment of speed cameras and quickly gaining the reputation of being a speed trap state. According to this column by Jay Hancock in The Sun, “of the 12 states that allow the devices, only in Maryland and Arizona are there more than a dozen cities and counties deploying them, according to the highway safety institute.”

“In Arizona, a speed camera can ruin your day in 17 jurisdictions. In Maryland there are no fewer than 29. That's a fourth of all the jurisdictions nationwide using speed cameras.”

“The excuse, of course, is safety. Speed cameras are ranged near schools and work zones. Studies have shown they reduce accidents. But they're also an easy and addictive way to raise revenue.”

It’s big money too. According to this story by Ashley Halsey III in The Washington Post, almost 400,000 speed camera tickets were issued in work zones alone between January and October of this year “valued at $16 million.”

Now tell me again that it's not about the money...
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