Saturday, December 17, 2011

Sharkey’s Back in Town!

When Sharkey’s closed up back in April, I thought we’d seen the last of Sharkey in HoCo. The proprietor of the funky little second floor pub on Main Street in Ellicott City had told me back then that he was headed off to Chicago and then, who knew where the winds might blow him.

Looks like they blew him right back here. Last night when we dropped into Café De Paris for a nightcap we were surprised to see Sharkey tending bar. 

“I’ve been here since July,” he told us. I think Sharkey has a thing for French restaurants. Before opening his own joint he tended bar for years at Tersiguel's.  

Sharkey also said he regrets having given up his former namesake establishment. It’s now a church.

He told us that even though Café De Paris is only six miles away from Main Street he hadn’t seen that many of his former Ellicott City patrons at his new place.

Give it time Sharkey. They just haven’t found you yet.
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