Saturday, December 11, 2010

Who Are These Guys?

The three guys who flew into HoCo last week and summarily dismissed Greg Hamm appear to be working for two separate companies. Daniel Weinreb, the CEO of the Howard Hughes Corporation is also listed as the CEO of TPMC Realty Corporation. Grant Hertlitz, the president of Howard Hughes is also the president of TPMC. The Director of Development for Howard Hughes, Chris Curry, is also the Chief Development Officer for TPMC.

So who is TPMC?

They appear to primarily be office developers, though they have developed a couple of retail and residential projects. Judging by their website, the closest thing they’ve come to the Columbia Town Center redevelopment is the Main Place project in Frisco, Texas and that project seems to be stalled. It isn’t even listed as a “significant” development project on the Frisco Economic Development Corporation website.

Should we be concerned?

The sudden dismissal of Greg Hamm is a bit troubling. Granted, if the guy had been caught stealing or engaging in inappropriate behavior with farm animals, a sudden dismissal would be perfectly understandable. I don’t believe that either of these was the case with Greg.

It seems to me that a wiser course would have been to transition Greg out gradually, after his replacement was already on board. His five years of work getting the Town Center redevelopment legislation passed would seem invaluable to anyone who wanted to come in and kick things“ into high gear” as Weinreb was quoted as saying in this story by Larry Carson in The Sun. This action just appears reckless and not well thought out. That’s not exactly a good way to endear yourself to the people in HoCo who have supported the companies efforts through these turbulent times.

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