Tuesday, December 07, 2010

The Prince Georges Handshake

When your county political culture is shrouded by a federal investigation of bribery and corruption, you tend to make some adjustments to your interactions with your colleagues. According to this story by Paul Schwartzman in The Washington Post the recent arrest of the outgoing county executive and his wife and three members of the county police force has “fueled speculation about who will be next - whose home and office will be raided and whose records will be subpoenaed.”

"Tom Hendershot, a former Prince George's County Council member, ran into a buddy the other day, a zoning lawyer he has known for years, and gave him what he likes to refer to as the "Prince George's handshake."

"You know," Hendershot said with a throaty chuckle, "you rub each other all over and make sure there's no one wired." 

And just like that, our loco political lexicon gains a new phrase...
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