Sunday, December 26, 2010

The 2010 Dookies

It’s that time of year once more, when we take stock of twelve months in the HoCo loco blogosphere with the annual Dookie awards. As the self anointed high priest of the Royal Academy of Dookies, it is my privilege to set the tone and get the proverbial ball rolling. As such this year, I am only offering Dookie nominations, I'll let the readers decide who is worthy enough to take home the feet of clay statuettes.

The nominations for Platinum Dookie are The Strobist and HoCoMoJo. The Strobist was recognized as one of the top blogs in the nation by Time magazine which is no small feat considering that there are well over 130 million blogs in existence. HoCoMoJo pulled off HoCo’s first ever flash mob which quickly became one of the top holiday news stories in the Baltimore area.

New HoCo bloggers are recognized by the Baby Dookie award. The nominees are Sarah Says and HoCo Politico. Sarah Says, which started off as Um Can I Just Say, has elbowed her way into the male dominated community blogging niche with 202 posts since April. Mild mannered River Hill dentist Trevor Greene graduated from guest blogger on HoCo Rising to his own political blog this fall.

And speaking of HoCo Rising, Tom gets a nomination for the Muck Rake Dookie for his excellent expose of Brian Meshkin, who still managed to weasel his way on to the school board despite Toms dismembering of his resume. HoCo Rising also gets a nomination for the Prolific Poster Dookie. He  has racked up 796 posts (and counting) in 2010. I can’t think of anyone who has posted more often.

The nominations for Caustic Commenters Dookie go to the opinion section of Explore Howard, HoCo Rising and Tales of Two Cities (yes I can nominate myself, I am the aforementioned high priest  after all). This Dookie is reserved for those blogs that actually have to delete comments once in awhile.

The Tums Dookie is set aside for those blogs that report on the HoCo loco food scene. My nominee is HowChow if only for his excellent reccommendation of those gas station tacos from the R&R Deli.

The Dookie Dearest nominees are JessieX and Robin Abello. Jessie continues to build the HoCo loco blogger community with her relentless organization of blogtail parties and, with Robin, she has created the top aggregator site for all HoCo loco blogs, hocoblogs.

There are of course many others deserving of mention and other Dookies to fit them. That’s where you the reader come in. Think up a Dookie, name a nominee (or winner) and share it. I promise only to delete those that cross the line from thoughtful sarcasm to low brow school yard taunts.

So load up those tomatoes and let ‘em rip
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