Thursday, December 23, 2010

Queen Anne’s Pretzels

“I was right there!”

I was talking to Rick Williamson this morning. We are in the middle of a lease negotiation but we usually begin our phone conversations with a little happy talk. He had just finished telling me that he had been shopping at the mall last night.

“Did you see the flash mob?”

He told me that he hadn’t really seen it as much as heard it. It went down on the fringes of his radar.

“I was in the Hallmark store around 7:30 PM. I saw all of these people outside but I thought it had something to do with that new pretzel thing they put out there.”

“Pretzel thing?”

“Yeah, you know, Queen Anne’s Pretzels.”

I mean I know those pretzels are good but did he really think they were that good?
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