Tuesday, December 14, 2010

White Christmas 2010

Last year on December 19th, we got hit with the first blizzard of the season which gave us the first white Christmas in recent memory. It could easily happen again this year.

According to Mr. Foot and fearless forecasters another storm could “come right on the exact day 365 days ago when on December 19, 2010 Baltimore received its’ first Kahuna of the winter.”

“The time frame for this storm, if impacted the area, would be Saturday evening through Sunday evening. Right now the team continues to analyze all the models, which shows both extremes.  One extreme shows the potential for a repeat of last December’s storm.  Others show an out-to-sea situation which would leave us with no snow.  We are fairly confident all precipitation with this storm will be snow, so the main thing to watch is how close to the coast this storm comes.”


Still, a white Christmas is always a treat. The first big storm of the season is a time for hunkering down with a warm fire and a well stocked pantry. It was also the Blizzard of 09 that acquainted me with fellow HoCo blogger Sarah when she shared this piece of blizzard reporting from Owen Brown.

The first big storm is a novelty, its those late season storms that break your back!

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