Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The End of Cash

Just before Christmas I stopped by the Apple Store in The Mall to buy a keyboard cover for CG’s Mac Book. Though the store was fairly busy (...is everybody but me buying an iPad?) I was quickly helped by an Apple guy who led me right to the product, and then completed the transaction using his iPhone.

“Would you like a printed receipt or would you prefer I email it to you,” he asked.

I opted for the email.

By the time I walked back out of the store I received the email on my phone.

Unfortunately, the keyboard cover I bought home was black and the one CG preferred was pink. No problem. The next day I went back to the Apple store and the return was just as quick and seamless, and once again the entire transaction was handled using an iPhone.

The future of retailing is upon us.

In the December 10th issue of The Kiplinger Letter, the editors predict that by 2020, the “use of cash is likely to be a rarity.”

In our area I suspect that this will occur sooner rather than later.
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