Friday, December 10, 2010

The Blogging Browser Blues

Fellow HoCo blogger Sarah Says first alerted me to this issue last night in message on facebook. She shared an anonymous message that was posted on her blog.

Please be a dear and let the two stooges at ToTCities and HOCOrising know that if they've seen a contraction in comments this week it's because of something technical. Some ppl are unable to post. Which may be a blessing in some cases. Nonetheless, they may want to know. 

First off, Sarah is a dear. I have had the pleasure to meet with her and I like her. If you haven’t checked out her blog, please do so, particularly if you have an interest in transportation issues.


I was completely unaware that there was any problem with commenting on my blog. Some posts compel people to comment, others not so much. It’s all good. So when there is a drop off in commenting, I don’t immediately take notice.

Until today that is. That’s when I attempted to post a comment on HoCo Rising about my big scoop. It wouldn’t take. I noticed that I was using Internet Explorer as my browser. I usually use the Google Chrome browser so I switched back to Chrome and the comment problem disappeared.

I am not really that technically astute so I have no earthly idea why Disqus commenting is working on Chrome but not with IE but there it is. What do you expect from a stooge after all?

In any event, I hope this gets resolved sooner rather than later. In the meantime  if anyone ever has any technical issue such as this, feel free to drop me an email at I may reach out to a friend to get some help in fixing the problem.
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