Wednesday, December 22, 2010

All Flash and No Mob

I learned another valuable lesson tonight. If you truly want to experience a flash mob you need to be part of the flash mob. Showing up just to catch the show isn’t good enough. This evening I arrived at The Mall well before the appointed hour only to discover it had gone off a half hour early. If I had gone to the rehearsal I would have known this. Unfortunately we had our company holiday party up in Towson this afternoon and I didn’t get back to HoCo until about six and then I had to first go home and feed my daughter. It was close to eight by the time I arrived at flash mob ground zero.

There wasn't a dancer in sight. From a quick check on facebook with my phone I saw that Ilana Bittner had already posted the video below on You Tube.

Lesson two; flash mobs have their own timetables.

In any event, the reports I received seem to indicate that the holiday flash mob was a success. Walking around the mall I picked up a good deal of buzz about it, most notably from the younger mall patrons.

I’m really sorry I missed it. Lesson learned.

I suspect that this video is only the first taste of what may be coming from HoCoMoJo, the folks who helped pull this together with Pam Land. One easily can picture Dave at the editing table right now. Stay tuned.

And to all those who did participate, nicely done!
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