Saturday, December 04, 2010

Throngs Descend on EC for Midnight Madness

Mama Wordbones and I headed down to Midnight Madness a little after six last night. I realized that parking would be a challenge so my stategy was to find a space across the river in Oella.

Apparently others had the same strategy. Cars were parked everywhere, along Frederick Road, in the public lot behind the Trolley Stop and every available spot along the river, including sidewalks. I found a spot I could squeeze into and we walked across the bridge into town. I was surprised to see that there were cars parked along Main Street even though there were signs saying that they’d be towed.

There wasn’t a tow truck in sight.

Our first stop was the Ellicott Mills Brewing Company to grab some dinner. Though the place was packed we still were seated right away and in short order I was sipping on a Dunkel. After dinner we stopped by The Wine Bin, sampled some chocolates and then started working our way down the hill.
In the Tongue Row Courtyard we ran into Motorcycle Santa. We were unimpressed. Motorcycle Santas shtick is that he rides a BRP Spyder. Big yawn.

On the other hand the courtyard was hopping with a live band and lots of people. Though it was cold outside there was very little wind.

As we navigated through the crowds on Main Street we spotted an Elvis impersonator in front of Shoemaker Country and a woman wearing a white wig with Christmas lights in it. You gotta love holiday street life.

We popped in for a glass of wine with our neighbors Paige and Brian who operate Ellicott City Weddings & Events and then topped our evening off with a little more wine with our friends at The Obladi.

By any measure, the 33rd Annual Ellicott City Midnight Madness was a resounding success. 
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