Friday, December 24, 2010

Whatcha Reading?

I’ve long accepted the fact that I’ll never to get to read all the books I want to. That still does not deter me from seeking others recommendations of what to read.

Right now I’m in the middle of “Where Men Win Glory” by Jon Krakauer. I haven’t breezed through it like my last book but it’s beginning to pick up. Krakauer, the chronicler of modern day adventurers, does a pretty good job with the Tilman story.  

My Merry Christmas to me from me is "Hero" by Micheal Korda. I heard him on Talk of the Nation with Neal Conan and ordered the book the next day. That’s my on deck book.

My best book story of the holiday season is the recommendation I received from the media specialist at Ellicott Mills Middle School. I told Kathryn Manley that Peanut is a big fan of dragons and in she in turn  recommended the Enchanted Forest Chronicles by Patricia Wrede. Peanut had just finished another book on Tuesday night, so I presented them as an early gift.

She polished off the first book this morning, hungry for book two. Ms. Manley was spot on!

So what are you reading/liking lately?
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