Saturday, December 25, 2010

A Canine Christmas Tale

The gifts have been opened, a light snow is falling and the coffee is warm. It’s the perfect time to settle down and read a story. My favorite one from the morning papers is the story about Willis and his improbable year. In this story in The Washington Post, Courtland Milloy tells the story of a dog who disappeared just before Christmas last year and “went missing from her back yard in Portsmouth, Va., turning her holiday into a nightmare. She spent nearly a year intensely searching - posting "lost dog" fliers throughout the neighborhood, visiting shelters, contacting animal rescue organizations. She had all but given up hope of seeing him again.”

Willis had taken off on a 200 mile adventure before he wound up in a Calvert County animal shelter on death row.

“He had a fever, an injured eye, a respiratory infection and a skin allergy that made him itch so badly that he had scratched and chewed off patches of hair from his shoulders to his tail.”

This is Christmas though and so rest assured that this story does have a happy ending.

Merry Christmas!
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