Sunday, December 13, 2009

HoCo Political Battlegrounds Taking Shape

Howard County Republicans are optimistic about their prospects for 2010. With less than eleven months to go, several candidates for local offices are already into their campaigns while others are ready to make to transition from “exploratory committees” to full blown campaigns.

I’ve already mentioned John Bailey and his challenge for Liz Bobo’s delegate seat in District 12B and Ed Priola’s efforts to snatch one of the delegate seats in District 13. In the council races, Anthony Jordan is the only officially declared GOP candidate so far. Anthony is seeking to unseat Calvin Ball in District 2.

Jim Robey will have a contested race for his Senate seat. Kyle Lorton, an executive with WR Grace in Columbia, announced his candidacy this summer and recently held a fundraiser in Savage that was attended by former governor Bob Erlich. According to this story by Larry Carson in The Sun, Kyle said “I'm real concerned about the direction of both the state and nation in a shift to the left." He said he'll stress his own qualifications but also plans to spotlight Robey's role in raising income and sales taxes.”

Among those getting ready to transition from exploratory mode are Bob Flanagan’s quest for Courtney Watson’s council seat in District 1 and Dennis Schrader is widely expected to announce his attempt to take back his old council seat from Jen Terrasa in District 3.

I’ve yet to hear of any potential GOP challengers for Mary Kay Sigaty. Back in July I speculated that CoFoCoDo spokesperson Alan Klein may mount a Democratic primary challenge for her seat. I suspect he is now having second thoughts about that.

The other candidate moving from the sidelines to the field of battle is Trent Kittelman. Trent has already begun building a war chest and is expect to formally announce in February.

With the cost of these individual contests ranging from twenty grand for a council seat to a million bucks for county executive, it looks like we’re in for a long eleven months of fundraising events.


Anonymous said...

Unless a qualified Dem runs against Ulman, I think Trent Kittleman will have my vote. Ulman has been a publicity-seeking joke.