Monday, December 07, 2009

A Day Late, A Dollar Short

Or perhaps I should say 35 years late and $45,000 short.

According to this story by Larry Carson in The Sun today, Circuit Court Judge Alfred L. Brennen rejected a claim by The Columbia Association against Joseph and Shirley Poteet for $45,000 in unpaid CPRA liens dating back to 1973. CA did not file a claim against the Poteets until 2008.

The judge threw out “the homeowners' association claim as too old to be enforced.”

According to article CA plans to appeal.


Tom said...

This ruling will only force the CA to be more aggressive in collecting overdue liens. There are probably $250K worth of these long term overdue liens that CA has waited until the property is sold to collect on. Now property owners will
have to stay current or receive dunning notices and bad credit ratings as CA tries to collect. This was not a good ruling for the rest of the CA lien holders. Also if this ruling is upheld it could reduce the validity of the liens and thereby lower CA's bond rating. All CA lein payers should all hope this ruling gets overturned.