Tuesday, September 29, 2009

My New Friend Courtney

Courtney Watson and I are now friends, Facebook friends. This past Saturday she sent me a note that suggested “since you are interested in EC topics, thought you might want to connect on FB.”

Indeed I am interested in EC topics though I prefer to call it EC stuff. I confirmed our new relationship today.

I happen to like Courtney, even though I supported her Republican opponent, Tony Salazar, in the last election. Lately I’ve come to the conclusion that she is one of the more effective members on the council. Like another council member, my opinion of her has evolved. It’s probably a good thing too. She very well could end up being our county executive one of these days, just like her dad.

I still think her sister is a little nutty though.

Anyway, we’re friends now.

Tony who?


Anonymous said...

“since you are interested in EC topics, thought you might want to connect on FB.” Is that a facebook pickup line or something?

Dave W said...

WB, I still see Tony around at GOP events probably once every month or so. Not that he has told me anything, but I think he has gone back to private life and is enjoying it.

Anonymous said...

What's not to like about Courtney Watson.
She questions and seeks answers when she doesn't understand or know the best solutions to the issues coming before the council. She is an intelligent, rational, classy lady that has the county's best interest at heart. I hope I am not too effusive or uninformed about Courtney. She just seems very geniune to me. How's this endorsement coming from a Republican?

Anonymous said...

Has anyone conducted a poll pitting her against the incumbent County Executive?

Anonymous said...

WB book of handling opposition, no matter how big or small:
Step 1 is Ridicule. This sends a signal to the mindless beta followers that the alpha doesn’t like someone and so the target is indeed, ridiculous.
Step 2 if the opposition persists, show disapproval and dismay. This is an ineffectual method of persuasion except for the intellectually stunted and people who fear power.
Step 3 is to personally target. If the opposition persists, it must be extinguished and this is bringing out the big guns.
Step 4 is to dismiss as a superior human being dismisses those of lesser value. This action signals to WBs two mindless followers that the opposition is of no consequence and though the attempt to bring them around to WBs way of thinking has been gentle and kind, the opposition is, sadly (but not too sadly), to be ignored. Collectively WBs and his two followers turn their backs and await the wailing which never occurs.

Got something more on Mary Catherine, say it and cut the offhanded garbage.

And Courtney barely won her own district in a very bad year for R's against an R who barely campaigned. If she's as smart as you say, then your suggestion to run for CE looks a little nuts.

Anonymous said...

Your team WB has the dynamic of a group of middle school girls. And not the nice ones.

Bob O said...

Wow, getting vicious here. That Anonymouse guy is everywhere! I see him all over the interweb!

I don't know Ms. Watson, although I've seen her at the council meetings I've attended. I have to say that I'm always suspicious of county-based dynasties, in any county, just on general principles. And you've mentioned her sister before. If her father is a recommendation for her, why is not her sister? What makes one more relevant than the other?

Anonymous said...

Personalities aside, the entertaining and tragic part of HoCo politics is watching Courtney position herself as a conservative R while still proclaiming herself a D - in preparation for the 2014 Executive race.

In 2006 she was attached to Chris Merdon and she routinely espouses different positions depending on whether she's addressing constituents from Ellicott City, Elkridge or the Chamber of Commerce. That's the beauty of being able to play all sides.

Courtney Watson said...
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