Saturday, December 05, 2009

New HoCo Blogger

Well maybe not real new. His profile says he’s been blogging since July 2008. He’s written a total of 10 posts so far this year.

Still, hoco@nyte is a voice from another part of our local scene, the bar scene. The blog author describes himself as a “Career Bartender and party host,hard worker and organizer.”

My kind of guy.

Welcome hoco@nyte. We’ve added your blog to Other Local Stuff. Post often.


Anonymous said...

Given how dead this town is, I am amazed he got 10 posts out of Hoco@Night.

vk@nyte said...

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!haha! that's too funny~thanxxx. well its only dead if you keep going to same dump every night or to the cops fav place to catch dui's....i try to update as much as i can though my time is limited...also one has to go out and hangout alot which i have been unable to do ~so hopefully soon once i get my bearings straight i'll post again.
the blog was conceived as a quick locator for out-of-towners who needed info onthe local bar scene as well as info on new and cool drinks and food at local restaurants and stores...
in other words ”your need to know in hoco”