Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Mary Kay and Friends

Last night Mary Kay Sigaty held a fundraiser at Oakland in Town Center. Though she hasn’t formally announced, it is widely expected that she will run for a second term for the District 4 seat on the county council.

This was a big night for Mary Kay. Up until last evening the Maryland Elections Center website showed that, so far for this election cycle, she has only raised $150.00 while spending $545.00. This amount pales in comparison to the monies raised by her council colleagues. Calvin Ball and Courtney Watson have both raised over $40,000.00 while Jen Terrasa and Greg Fox have raised around $30,000.00 each. Judging from last night’s crowd I’d say she picked up at least $5,000.00.

It wasn’t just the money though. What was also impressive was the number of community and political leaders that turned out to support her including State Senator Ed Kassemeyer. Mr Ed is a staunch ally of Liz Bobo, who has been working behind the scene to get someone to challenge Mary Kay. Liz reportedly was somewhere in Croatia and therefore was not able to attend.


Anonymous said...

Realizing you and Liz Bobo are likely on polar ends of the position spectrum, you really damage your own cred when you make claims about someone that you cannot substantiate.

Rumors, my good man, rumors hurt everyone. Those who find rumor fascinating, as well as those who respect truth.