Monday, December 14, 2009

No White Christmas This Year

Since we’ve already had our first significant snowfall of the season I wondered if we might actually have a white Christmas this year.

Not likely.

According to this map from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration it looks like something between 11% to 25% chance of that happening.


Anonymous said...

How did anon get past the word verification?

Weather: My place is soaking even after no rainfall for days. Horrible. Ground won't even drain any longer.

Farmer's almanac:

Sarah said...


Maybe you can help me understand the folks who came out against the proposed plans for Normandy Woods shopping center:,0,5439857.story

What do people who live in the Normandy Woods area have against moderate income housing? Why do folks think that apartment dwellers are automatically drug-using, unemployed losers?

If nothing else, the emptying shopping area (first Miller Ford, now Safeway) is probably bringing these "vagrants."

wordbones said...

Anon 9:11 AM,

I have no idea how that commenter got past the word verification thing. Do these spammers actually think that people will respond to tho that crap?

In any event, I deleted them (there were multiples) with relish.


I dunno. I will probably write something up about this project in the next day or so. Maybe some other readers will offer insight then.


Anonymous said...


I am not familiar with the current plan or opposition, but Normandy is the location of probably all violent crimes in Ellicott City. If the proposal includes more apts, crime is likely the reason. Ironically this location is across Rt. 40 from the police stations. Go figure.

Anonymous said...