Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Happy Birthday Liz

Last night, as I tried to make my way to the annual winter’s solstice bonfire in my old Columbia Town Center neighborhood, I got held up by Santa.

The Ellicott City Volunteer Fire Department collects toys for kids by ferrying Santa around Ellicott City neighborhoods in a tricked out sleigh. Santa is accompanied by a team of fire and rescue personnel who also show off a couple pieces of their fire equipment. The big man was supposed to visit our neighborhood Saturday but B09 caused them to reschedule for last night.

Santa’s neighborhood arrival is a big time community and family event. The adults seem to enjoy his visit as much as the kids. Consequently his visit caused me to get a little hung up in my new neighborhood while trying to get to my old neighborhood.

By the time I arrived at the solstice celebration Liz Bobo and Lloyd Knowles had already come and gone. My old neighbors told me that she was also celebrating her birthday last night. I guess Lloyd figured he had to take her someplace else besides a pagan inspired bonfire to celebrate.

Anyway, sorry I missed you Liz. A belated Happy Birthday.