Saturday, December 19, 2009

Vic Broccolino is a Great Guy

I gotta say, I’m having a pretty good time doing the podcast “And Then There’s That” with Paul Skalny. With four shows now under our belts, it’s beginning to feel pretty comfortable. Much of the credit goes to Dave Bittner who produces the show. He does a pretty good job of making us look good on radio.

What really works though is having a good guest. We’ve sat down with Len Lazarick, Dennis Schrader, Mary Kay Sigaty and this week, Vic Broccolino. All have been both informative and fun. I’m very grateful for that.

If you’ve ever had the opportunity to talk with Vic you’d find that he is the real deal. Though he arguably holds one of the most important jobs in our community, he is one of the more easy going executives I’ve met. I also learned a lot in our discussion yesterday because he’s the kind guy who willingly shares what he knows.

On January 15th he’ll celebrate his 20th year at the helm of Howard County General Hospital.

And finally, doing the show in the Lakeside Café is turning out to be one of our better decisions. Instead of sitting around a table in a small studio we’re out there, in the crowd so to speak. It sets a good tone for the show and I’m thankful for that as well.

You can hear the latest edition of our podcast, here.


Anonymous said...

This episode was the best show yet. Not bad for a lowly "business group" :-)

Anonymous said...

Howard General is the worst medical facility in the area. Might as well visit a veterinarian, you'd get better care.

As for the show, I saw one and it was a ridiculous waste of time. Until you decide to actually add something to public knowledge, it'll fall flat.

Anonymous said...

My care at the ER of HCGH, the hospital itself and a staff physician called a "hospitalist" was the worst care I've ever experienced.
Six hours in the ER and sent home with a misdiagnosis after never having been seen by a doctor...only a PA...put me into near renal failure and unnecessarily made me become a patient at HCGH four days later where further mistakes were made. Johns Hopkins Medicine and HCGH should be ashamed of calling HCGH a hospital!

wordbones said...

...and then there's that...