Monday, December 21, 2009

Scene This Week In...

Well it was one for the record books. According to The Sun, the Blizzard of Aught Nine officially clocked in as the seventh largest snow storm on record at 20.5 inches. This is the kind of storm that will be talked about for years to come. If past snowstorms are any indication, nine months from now Howard County General Hospital will experience an unusually high amount of baby deliveries.

Blogging through the storm on Saturday I put out a call for readers to send me pictures of the storm. I received pictures from Eklridge and Ellicott City but surprisingly none from Columbia.

Yesterday I drove over to Wilde Lake Park to get my own. Wilde Lake Park is one of my favorite parts of Columbia. When I lived in the Vantage Point neighborhood I regularly ran around the lake in all seasons. I knew it would be beautiful in the fresh fallen snow.

I really liked the picnic benches.

In Ellicott City we weathered the storm reasonably well. The larder was well stocked and fortunately we never lost power. We were a bit concerned about the power situation since we usually don’t fare all that well when an ill wind blows in my neighborhood.

A fresh snow reveals new sights in some of Mama Wordbones gardens. The red berries of the Nandina bushes against the snow were a nice visual treat.

I also thought the shadow play from the pergola was cool too.


Alicia said...

When I was in school, there was a highly unusual number of my classmates (who were born in Maryland) birthdays in November. Why? Because of the "Presidents Day Storm" on February 18-19, 1979. It was highly amusing to the teachers when on the first day of school we would all announce our birthdays (for the class birthday calendar) and the teacher would notice the month of November filling up rapidly. The teacher exclaim "oh, you are all the snowstorm babies!!!". lol.

Anonymous said...

Nice to know that some people take procreation so casually.

Anonymous said...

Don't most people take procreation casually? If people were really interested in what's best for the world, they'd buy a box of condoms and adopt a dog instead.