Tuesday, December 22, 2009

More Columbia Blizzard Pix

Yesterday I received two more emails with Columbia blizzard photos. Lisa from Thunder Hill sent this great action photo of her daughter Savanna. She writes “And yes, my daughter Savanna is airborne after hitting a snow ramp.”

Once again the biggest beneficiaries of the snowstorm are the kids. Last night I received a text message from the school system letting me know that the schools would be closed again today. I really like the new text message notification system. Nice job HCPSS.

Chuck supplied this picture of the mound of snow accumulated on his patio table. Chuck writes “That table is holding it's own, but just barely. Seems like Columbia always seems to be right in the path of these storms and wins the snowfall amounts.”

He’s right about that. According to the official snowfall tallies I saw, Columbia got a couple more inches than Ellicott City.