Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Watson Gets the Chair

At Monday evening’s county council meeting, Courtney Watson was elected as the next chair of the council replacing Mary Kay Sigaty who will now move to the position of vice chair. Mary Kay had expressed an interest in holding on to the chairmanship for another year to maintain some continuity on the Columbia Town Center redevelopment legislative process but politics probably trumped that plan. Since next year is an election, the position of council chair gives Courtney a little added visibility in her quest to seek a second term. Bob Flanagan has already begun a campaign to challenge her whereas no viable opponent has yet surfaced for Mary Kay.

As Larry Carson reported in this story in The Sun, the chairmanship can be a mixed blessing. Courtney, who was the council chair two years ago, reportedly said “The best day is the day you're elected, and the second best day is the day you turn the reins over. Everything else is just a blur."

Jen Terrasa and Calvin Ball played musical chairs. Jen will assume the new zoning board chair replacing Calvin who will become the new liquor board chair, replacing Jen.

Greg Fox, the lone Republican on the five person council, gets no chair. Understandably he abstained from voting on these new assignments.


John said...

Taking the chair won't save Ms. Watson. She been playing both sides for years and people are sick and tired of it. Flanagan's gonna clean her clock.

Anonymous said...


Got stats to back that up? Who's polling?

I'm no Watson cheerleader, but she has been expertly responsive to constituents in Elkridge.

Anonymous said...

If I had to guess, "John" is a GOP insider. From my view "playing both sides" means she's bipartisan - and neither party likes that. Fortunately, for the voters, most voters are noraml people who just care about being served, not about inside party politics. Flanagan, Who?

Anonymous said...

The real question in this race is not about what Flanagan has done, but better yet what have Watson and Ulman done? The County now has a deficit and unemployment has gone from under 3% to over 7%. Watson can sing the "I'm not a partisan" song till the cow's come home, but in my opinion She is a Democrat and a very real part of the problem with the economy!