Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Politics of Gambling

Last month I lambasted Delegate Frank Turner for what I perceived to be his lack of backbone in the gambling debate. Subsequently, Roger Caplan suggested that perhaps I was being too hard on the man.

In any event, I actually do try to keep an open mind on these things. Last month I sent Frank email inviting him to join us on and then there’s that… to discuss how he “came to support the governor’s legislation in the recent special session.”

He never responded.

I can understand why Frank may not feel comfortable discussing this hot issue on our podcast but you’d think he’d at least give us the courtesy of a response.

Perhaps the delegate who proclaims that he "carries no mans water" would feel a little uncomfortable discussing how he ended up carrying Mike Millers canteen. Maybe he thought that by ignoring us we’d just forget about this and move on.

That’s not going to happen. Someone should probably tell him that we make more hay out of guests who turn us down than those who don’t. We reserve special treatment for those who won't even respond to our request. It looks like we’ll be having fun with Frank for awhile.

The Comptroller of Maryland isn’t afraid to discuss the gambling issue with us. Peter Franchot is returning to the show for a second time on November 2nd, the Friday before the election.

Maybe we’ll ask him what he thinks of Frank's backbone.
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