Saturday, September 01, 2012

I Thought This Was Over

Two months ago I wrote that the attempt by Susan Gray and Paul Kendall to overturn fifteen years of HoCo zoning decisions was finally over.

I was wrong.

After three years of losses in both federal and state courts, Kendall and Gray have been given yet another opportunity to make their case. According to this story Arthur Hirsch in The Sun, “the Maryland Court of Appeals agreed to consider whether the residents have the legal standing to challenge years of decisions by several county agencies. The two argue that the county's way of carrying out these actions deprived them of their right to referendum, constrained their free speech and voting rights.”

"I feel passionate about it, the people involved feel passionate about it," Susan B. Gray, the lawyer who represents one of the residents in the appeal, said in an interview. "These are the most fundamental rights we have."

I think this has become more about obsession than passion. 
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