Thursday, September 06, 2012

Weather Geek

I readily confess to being a bit of weather geek. Last winter I even installed my own home weather station. This summer I relocated the stations monitoring devices because I wasn't satisfied with the readings I was getting. When any storm approaches, I constantly monitor multiple online weather sources in addition to my own set up.

I think that qualifies as being a weather geek.

Winter is high season for us weather geeks. Around this time of year, many us begin to consume whatever weather data we can get our hands on to try and figure what type of winter Mother Nature has in store for us.

It looks like it could be a cold one. Accordiing to this article by Scott Dance in The Sun, the “ forecast calls for cold weather and large systems of moisture to converge, dumping above-average snow totals along the East Coast. The timing is expected to be in January and February.”

The Farmers Almanac agrees, predicting that eastern states “as far south as the Gulf Coast – will see snowier than normal conditions and cooler temperatures.”

“We are “red flagging” February 12–15 and March 20–23 for major coastal storms along the Atlantic seaboard; storms bringing strong winds and heavy precipitation.”

Red flagging!

That’s music to a weather geeks ears. Perhaps we’ll even see a return of The Big Kahuna.
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