Friday, September 14, 2012

The Heat is On

Wegmans literally has the hots this weekend. As reported earlier by HowChow, the store is hosting a Hatch Chile Event today through Sunday. If you like hot stuff, its worth checking out.

Today, as I stopped in to pick up a few grocery items, I discovered Hatch Chili Peppers when offered a sample of a Hatch pepper cheese spread. It was love at first bite. Hatch peppers are sort of like jalapeño peppers except that the hot part sticks around for awhile instead of the hit and run you get from jalapenos. 

Before I finished shopping I had sampled a Hatch pepper stuffed with Italian sausage, Hatch pepper cornbread, and a Hatch sushi roll. For lunch, I treated myself to some Jambalaya with Hatch peppers at the prepared food bar. Talk about in-store integrated marketing!

Out in front of the store they have a Hatch Chile pepper roasting thing going on. I sampled some of those too. I also spoke briefly with Frank (the guy in white shirt waving) who told me that they had already sold four and half pallets of the peppers, each pepper pallet holding about 50 forty pound boxes of peppers.(Try saying that three times fast.)

You might even say they’re selling like hot cakes!
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