Saturday, September 22, 2012

Fox in the Dem House

Some may think that being the lone Republican on the five person county council is an exercise in futility. Being one against four would seem to make it easy to be ignored, unless that lone Repub is a fox, as in Greg Fox. The fifth district council person has managed to make his role larger than the odd man out. This particular councils preference for unanimous consent on most issues gives Greg an opportunity to exert influence beyond his minority stature. That speaks well for both parties and gives county politics more balance that you might expect from a Dem dominated council.

It helps of course that Greg is no career politician. He has a real job with Constellation Energy in addition to his part time council job. I marvel at how it handles it. For example, before appearing on our podcast yesterday afternoon, Greg began his day at a Leadership Howard County kick off breakfast before heading to work in Baltimore. He then he came back to HoCo for our podcast, followed by a meeting with his boss back in Baltimore, then back to HoCo for his son’s soccer game, followed by an off tape appearance on Politics Unplugged with Bob & Kendall Ehrlich which airs tomorrow morning at 10 on WMAR Channel 2.

I got tired just writing all that!

We talked with Greg about the latest HoCo loco news, the loco GOP political scene and his recent stint as a delegate to the Republican National Convention in Tampa. He told us he did not wear a silly hat, though he did hesitate for a moment when asked the question.

You can listen to this weeks episode of “and then there’s that…” here.
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